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About selling on consignment

Simply put, consignments are where you provide your stamps to Noernberg Stamps to sell on your behalf for a nominal fee, maintaining full ownership yourself while the stamps are in my possession until items are sold.

Is consigning your items to Noernberg Stamps right for you?

I understand Noernberg Stamps may not be the right solution for everybody. Before deciding to proceed with a consignment agreement, please consider the following about Noernberg Stamps and my ways of doing business:

1)      I, Doug Noernberg, am a member of both the American Philatelic Society (Member 209752) and the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association (Member 201) and subscribe to their codes of ethics. I also have an outstanding reputation, with a 100% positive feedback rating (15,127 as of this writing) on where I have had an online store since 2005. Here is a link: I truly believe you will find dealing with me to be a fair, professional and positive experience.

2)      As you can see by my website, and unlike the vast majority of stamp dealers, I focus on internet selling of individual stamps, including more common lower value stamps. I examine, identify and catalogue each stamp one at a time. This takes significant time and effort, but allows me to serve a particular market segment - mostly collectors who either aren't looking to spend much money, are looking for particular stamps to complete sets, or are just looking to find individual stamps they like. I seldom sell entire collections or even packets, although I may consider doing more of this if the situation is right for it. By its very nature, this method of selling can make the selling process pretty slow, but although it may take a lot of time, I believe it maximizes the full earnings potential when selling a collection.

3)      Besides my website at, I also sell in other venues. Therefore, I will also use additional sites, including the Stanley Gibbons Marketplace and other online venues to post your items for sale. In these other venues, I start with listings in store format to build the available inventory, and may convert to auctions later for better items to try to maximize the return or otherwise promote the material. As owner of the material, your name or contact information is never used or disclosed as part of the selling process.

4)      If you want to "sell it quick", Noernberg Stamps is probably not your best choice, unless you and I agree for me to buy the material from you outright. I am not a full time dealer. Collecting and selling stamps is something I enjoy doing as an extension of my hobby. I have a demanding day job, am a father of two school-age kids, an active Assistant Scoutmaster and member of a symphony orchestra, all of which make free time for working on stamps pretty sparse. Weekends are my best opportunities, and occasionally I get evenings. As a result, depending on the amount of material, and considering my preferred method of selling (basically focusing on one stamp at a time), it may take considerable time to fully process the material for sale and for items to sell. As a general rule, consignment items will take priority over my personal inventory when prepping items for sale.

5)      I would not consider myself to be prepared for selling higher end material at this time (i.e. items more than several thousand dollars). I would prefer you consider a professional stamp dealer or auction house with better resources to serve you for such material.

6)      Although I have learned a lot in my 30+ years of collecting and about 15 years of selling online, I do not claim to be a philatelic expert. I consider myself to be adept, very capable and excellent at stamp identification, but perhaps not to the level of what I would consider an expert in the field.

7)      I am very particular and committed to openness and honesty about the condition of stamps in my listings. I will sell stamps with flaws, but all I discover will be fully disclosed and prices reduced accordingly. In many cases, condition of stamps will result in sales prices well below catalogue value. Sorry, that's all they're really worth, so don't expect catalogue value for stamps unless they're truly exceptional.

8)      Although I can attempt to sell your covers, postcards or other non-stamp items, I am not confident in my ability to price those items appropriately as my experience there is minimal. I may deny request to sell collections that primarily consist of these items.

9)      With you as owner of the material, of course I am willing to listen to/consider your wishes for sales (minimum prices, selling strategies, etc.), but final decisions with how to present the material for sale will rest with me.

10)  I will not sell items that are not in my physical possession.

11)  I do not provide advances on consigned material.

12)  There are no performance guarantees offered.

Sound reasonable so far? Next let me explain my consignment process

1)      Notify me via email ( or use the "Contact Us" link on my webpage to express interest or tell me of your intention to send items, along with a brief description of the size, contents and estimated value. Please do not send anything until I acknowledge back that I will be able to help you and will agree to review your items for consignment.

2)      If it's a go, send your material to the address I provide, along with a completed and signed copy of the Consignment Sale Agreement (link at bottom of this page). Please note that I am not responsible for damage in shipment or items lost in transit. Therefore, if you seek such protection, I recommend you send the items insured / registered / signature confirmation / etc. See USPS website, or that of your preferred carrier for options. Any applied Customs duties or other fees for shipping material are your responsibility.

3)      Upon receipt of your items, I will digitally photograph everything that I received, detailing the condition and contents. I will send you the photos in an email and will seek your review and verification from you that the items match the quantities and condition as you sent them. I will not proceed with processing items for sale until this step is complete, unless mutually agreed otherwise.

4)      At this stage, I will also review the contents for merchantability/salability and whether Noernberg Stamps will be able to adequately assist you. If there are issues, we will resolve at that time. If I am not able to assist or decline to accept the consignment, I will pay for the return shipment, provided Step 1 above was followed.

5)      Assuming we proceed, I will sign and return copies of the agreement and begin cataloguing, inventorying and processing your items for sale at this point. To accomplish this, it will involve breaking down the collections, removing stamps from albums, etc. Stamps on paper may be soaked, removed, etc. to make more salable, but I will avoid doing this to covers and postcards unless their value is not enhanced by remaining on piece.

6)      Inventory/Sales reports will be processed via email on a monthly basis by the 15th day of the subsequent month.

7)      Payments for sales will be processed concurrent with the reports per the terms of our agreement.

8)      I will maintain your collection in my possession until it is sold or until the service agreement is terminated per the terms of the agreement.

Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you for considering Noernberg Stamps!

Click here to open, or right click to download the Consignment Sales Agreement PDF file: Consignment Sale Agreement Template