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The list of Help Topics will be expanding over time. If there's something in particular you would like to see a help file on we would love to hear from you! Just use the Contact Us link in the header to ask your questions or give us your thoughts.

Search Tips!

How do I Search by Year of Issue?

To search by year of issue, it's best to add the word "year" in front of the year. For example, to search for stamps from 1945, do a search for "year1945". That way, stamps with catalogue number 1945 won't show up. Also, to search for stamps from the 1800's, search for just "year18".

How do I Search by Scott Catalogue Number?

Sometime catalogue numbers can be confused with years. For example, if you search for "2003", not only will you get catalogue number 2003, but you will also get items from the year 2003 in your search results. To avoid this, simply search with a number sign in front. For example, search for "#2003" should show search results only including items from Scott number 2003 (from all countries). You can refine search by country from there.

Why are sold items still listed?

Occasionally an item will be out of stock, yet still listed on my site. When I list a new stamp, I always list it on this site first. However, if I opt to list that particular stamp on auction at another site such as or, then I will zero out the quantity on my store so I don't accidentally sell it while it's on auction. I'm sure you could understand why. If it doesn't sell at auction, I replenish the quantity available. So if you are looking for the stamp that is out of stock, please feel free to check the other sites and place a bid, or send me a message and I'll see what I can do! I just can't end an auction that already has bids from others.