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How 'Make an Offer' Works

Noernberg Stamps is interested in providing our items at a fair price. If you do not feel the listed price is fair or appropriate, you are invited to click the red "Make an Offer" button at the bottom of the listing.

You will be prompted for some contact information and an area for you to state your offer.

Once you click "Send", an e-mail will be sent to me for consideration. Upon review, if I agree to your offer (or a reduced price), I will put the item on Special at the discounted price for a period of 5 days and I will send a notification back to you via email.

If the item is in your shopping cart pending check out, the new price will be reflected automatically (note: it won't work if you have already checked out). You are never under any obligation to buy. But be aware that, as soon as I put the item on special, that price will be offered to EVERYBODY, so others may buy it out from under you, and I will have to honor that other sale.

I am willing to entertain several offers at a time, but if you expect to make a large number of offers, I would appreciate it if you would simply contact me directly rather than make a large number of offers, as they would be labor intensive to process one at a time.